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The past weeks and months have been very turbulent for everyone and remain for most of the tradesmen, craftsmen and owners of holiday accommodation, restaurants and bars, for the time being still a great challenge, especially financially. Already for months hardly any money is landing on the island, but now everything should normalize again and the cake should get bigger for everybody.

Before the so-called “lockdown”, this website had up to 600 page impressions daily or approx. 15000 monthly and has thus also served as a source of information for holidaymakers with suggestions for their stay on the island and for some registered businesses for customers who otherwise might not have become customers.

My offer is to list your company, restaurant, holiday rental property or diving school, or what ever your business is, or if you send me the completed form. It will be translated and only appear only in german language, which will be seen mainly by germans, austrians and swiss people .
If you send me the detailed description of your business, you will be listet free of charge within this page. This would then look roughly like this >

For the sake of clarity, however, in each industry / category only up to a maximum of 8 entries. Further sub-categories can and will be created.

The only thing I would like to ask for, is that you generously recommend and forward this form page to friends or business partners.

Your own entry will then be displayed on additional pages according to the number of further recruited partners and thus indirectly bring further interested parties and possible customers to your site.
Voluntary “donations” are welcome and sometimes improve the motivation a lot too.


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  • The input of personal data is voluntary. The data will not be passed on to third parties without express consent and will not be sold to third parties. The data will be deleted after completion of the business basis.

Thank you very much for your "Pass on"!